Alent increases in Europe

Alent Dynamic initiates a partnership with InnoEnergy to increase sales in the whole world and at the same time strengthen the sales force in Europe. Rainer Hofer, Alent's salesman in the German-speaking countries, will initially receive help from Denis Boissau in France. In the future Denis will also work in other French-speaking areas.

“We strengthen our resources to meet increased interest in our unique drying method, which has had a great impact on the drying of softwood. Now, after many successful installations we can also see that the hardwood comes strong. The benefits of pumping hardwood appear to be even larger than softwood.

InnoEnergy's BoostWay comes in opportune when we now are launching several news in the energy management area and broadening our partnerships with several drying manufacturers and also offering powerful tools for large companies that want to streamline their wood drying, ”says Peder Björkman, CEO Alent Dynamic.

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