The world's most powerful process for wood drying.

Discover Alent Dynamic®.


Alent Dynamic® enables the best quality product for the least amount of energy in the industry.

It’s also faster.

Our offering:
Stable and automated wood drying process
meeting defined customer demand

The use of wood in the world is increasing. Customer demands become tougher, competition as well. Like the market awareness of the environment and sustainable use of Earth's resources.

An investment in four new drying kilns is around 0,8-2,4 Million Euro. An investment in the Alent automated dynamic drying process meeting defined customer requirements for four drying kilns is approximately 0,06 Million Euro. Installation takes 1 day per drying kiln. Alent Dynamic® is present during start-up.

Return On Investment within one (1) year.

This applies regardless of whether a sawmill wants to replace existing drying system to the Alent Dynamic® drying process or when reinvesting brand new drying kilns with the Alent Dynamic® drying process at start.

The method and precision with which timber is dried has a profound impact on the quality of the product and — by extension — its value. Alent Dynamic® is based on our unique and patented method for wood drying.

Increase the sales value of your product

The Alent Dynamic® method guarantees a more even and specific target moisture content throughout the load, as well as in individual items. It causes less tension and reduces discoloration and cracking. The result is a higher quality product that can be sold to a higher price.

Automatic and secure data backup

Alent Dynamic® collects and stores every single piece of data it can measure. Your data is backed up on secure cloud servers and can be restored within 48 hours should a fire or some other damage result in the loss of your local database.

Save time and (a lot of) energy

Alent Dynamic® dries faster than systems using the conventional methods; it requires less heat and close to half the amount of electricity. For a single kiln it is possible to reduce energy usage by up to 300 000 kWh per year.

Online service & support

Alent Dynamic® and our service personnel can provide continuous monitoring of the flow of data and will alert you and suggest a course of action if less-than-optimal conditions are registered.


Compatibility & Installation

Alent Dynamic® works with all kilns. (We have installed our system in 30 different kinds of kilns from 13 different manufacturers, ranging from new to up to 40 years old.)

We will deliver our software and a PLC of your choice.
If your kiln is already equipped with a Siemens S7, OMRON or Sixnet PLC, we only need to replace the software.

But it gets even better.

Explore these optional add-ons for Alent Dynamic®.

Alent Dynamic®
WMC Soft Sensor


Increase target Wood Moisture Content precision with the Alent Dynamic® WMC Soft Sensor, a software-only virtual sensor that completely eliminates the need to manually (and intrusively) inspect individual items within a batch of timber. It uses mathematical models and already existing kiln sensors to determine the current Wood Moisture Content (WMC) with very high precision.

Alent Dynamic®

Alent Dynamic® Optimize is  an optional software component that uses the data gathered by the WMC Soft Sensor (required) to further optimize the runtime of the wood drying process. Optimize adjusts the dynamic wood drying cycle runtime based on the current WMC as well as tensile and compressive stress in the wood.

Alent Dynamic®

Cut power costs by coordinating the operation of multiple kilns. Alent Dynamic® Synchronize minimizes power peaks as much as possible without interrupting the runtime of individual kilns. You can also schedule activity for less busy hours or weekends, and ration power usage when more is needed elsewhere.


It'll pay for itself in one year.

The returns on energy savings alone should be enough to convince you.
What are you waiting for?


Hardware tweaks

Get even better results with hardware that works perfectly with (or without) Alent Dynamic®

Alent Premo™

Alent Premo™ is a complete, easy-to-install pressurized hot-water spraying system.

Alent Atmos™

The Alent Atmospheric Sensor registers outside temperature and humidity in order to optimize the drying process based the current climate.

Looking for our recently patented Condensation Panel technology? More on that soon. Stay tuned!


Spare Parts & Service

We stock a complete range of spare parts for all major kiln equipment.