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Service & Support

We offer support, training and service for every aspect of wood drying.


We want to make sure you are successful

Our range of services have been developed to compliment our products and help us make sure that you are successful in your ambition to produce higher quality wood faster, using less energy.

Installation & upgrade (on-site)

We have developed a precise installation routine that allows us to remotely support a local electrician that perform the necessary electric system upgrade in a matter of hours per kiln. We can also come to you and use only Alent Dynamic® resources. 

We use standard PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) from OMRON and Siemens.

The first run is usually performed according to your normal schedule so that your operator can get comfortable with the process and all the new functions at their own pace.

Alent Dynamic® training program

We provide a very popular training program several times a year where kiln operators, production managers and quality assurance professionals from several sawmills meet to learn and exchange knowledge.

Due to the increasing demand and interest in dynamic wood drying we now also host one-day events around a course in The Technology and Economics in Dynamic Wood Drying. This course is an excellent introduction to dynamic wood drying, and can be tailored to simulate real-world outcomes based on your specific business.

Expert support & troubleshooting

We can provide remote expert service to help you solve issues or find and implement continuous improvements to your process and financial outcome.

Process and Kiln operation consulting

Over 50.000 dryings in more than 450 kilns have given us valuable experience in how today's kilns function when upgraded with Alent Dynamic® technology. We can provide analytics on-site or remotely, based on your specific needs.

Alent Academy

Through Alent Academy we offer our customers additional help to increase the expertise in wood drying. We train responsible for drying and sawmill management in Alent Dynamic's drying process to meet the growing demands of the market.

The program includes training, concrete knowledge testing after training and on-site visits by Alent Dynamic staff.

The aim is to increase the competitiveness of sawmills through increased understanding of the automated dynamic drying process towards customer requirements.


Spare Parts

We stock a complete range of spare parts for all major kiln equipment.