Alent increases in Europe

Alent Dynamic initiates a partnership with InnoEnergy to increase sales in the whole world and at the same time strengthen the sales force in Europe. Rainer Hofer, Alent's salesman in the German-speaking countries, will initially receive help from Denis Boissau in France. In the future Denis will also work in other French-speaking areas.

“We strengthen our resources to meet increased interest in our unique drying method, which has had a great impact on the drying of softwood. Now, after many successful installations we can also see that the hardwood comes strong. The benefits of pumping hardwood appear to be even larger than softwood.

InnoEnergy's BoostWay comes in opportune when we now are launching several news in the energy management area and broadening our partnerships with several drying manufacturers and also offering powerful tools for large companies that want to streamline their wood drying, ”says Peder Björkman, CEO Alent Dynamic.

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Drying of Eucalyptus nitens with Alent control system in LTU's research kiln

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Eucalyptus nitens is said to be the world's most hard-dried wood. It is fast growing, environmentally friendly and therefore common in large forest plantations. Following Alent's success with pump drying of Pinus Radiata in Chile, a 2-year project was initiated which was funded by EUREKA / Vinnova and Alent Dynamic in Sweden and CORFO, TSST Energy and CMPC in Chile to develop a method for industrial drying of Eucalyptus nitens.

A large number of Eucalyptus planks have been sawn in Chile and shipped with freezer freight to Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå. There it has been dried in several batches, both conventional and with Alent's pump control. The research kiln in the picture has a CT scanner and one can follow what happens inside the wood during the drying. Conventional drying was rejected due to cracking and collapse while pumping showed promising phenomena that we could build on.

During the last year, several pump dryings were carried out on a full scale in one of CMPC's sawmills in Chile with remote control from Alent in Luleå with very good results. We expect that Eucalyptus will be pumped in many places around the world and that we will see floors, furniture and other products made from this beautiful wood.

More knowledge has been gained in the pump-drying method and some additions have been made in Alent's control system which now is useful in all kinds of wood drying.

Alent Academy, a meeting for kiln operators about better wood drying

Alent Academy has become a very popular yearly meeting for kiln operators at Swedish sawmills. This year's meeting will be held November 13-14 in Luleå. Alent Dynamic® is the new way of drying wood and the control system is full of smart functions. Learning more about them can be very useful for your production. During the Alent Academy meeting we learn how to adjust drying schedules to fully automatic dryings under different conditions to the best result. Meeting other kiln operators and transfer of experience is also highly appreciated.

We invite experts and for this Academy meeting we will look on new possibilities to improve the kiln performance and to discuss how digitizing brings new methods to meet customer demands on the wood we dry.

We also welcome groups from other countries to Alent Academy to be held here in Northern Sweden or in your own country.

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Important handshake for a better environment

OS Panto and Alent Dynamic have great success with a new super efficient chamber kiln with Alent Dynamic® drying process. Luca Cadamuro, market manager of Italian drying manufacturer OS Panto, to the left in the picture, and Peder Björkman, CEO of Alent Dynamic, concludes a new contract for upgrading 10 kilns and developing a system for energy optimization at sawmills.

OS Panto has previously this year purchased ten Alent Dynamic® control systems for kilns with new solutions for extra low energy consumption and there will be more.

Luca Cadamuro is holding a presentation at the Alent Academy. This is a good opportunity to make an appointment with Luca in the morning on the 13th of November in Luleå to learn more about how an existing kiln can be streamlined.

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Important handshake with PGS Group

In December 2017, the management of PGS Group visited northern Sweden to evaluate new energy-efficient technology for wood drying. Eric Björkman asked PGS Groups’ CEO Luc Grauwet to shake hands with him to get a picture for the press release when they eventually decides to buy from Alent - therefore the cheerful mood in the picture!

After a long test period under the leadership of Technology Manager Ruben Coene, PGS Group has now ordered four Alent control systems. Two of these Alent control systems will be installed in new kilns that are under construction.

Eric Björkman shakes hands with the CEO of PGS Group Luc Grauwet. In the picture are also Ruben Coene, Technology Manager (to the right) and Energy Consultant for PGS Group (to the left).

Eric Björkman shakes hands with the CEO of PGS Group Luc Grauwet. In the picture are also Ruben Coene, Technology Manager (to the right) and Energy Consultant for PGS Group (to the left).

Alent is one of the finalists for E-Prize 2018

We are very proud to be one of three finalists in this year's E-Prize in the Energy efficiency category.

E-Prize is Sweden's largest energy price for trade and Industry and this year celebrates 10 years. The prize is established by Veckans Affärer and E.on. The winners will be announced at the Go Greentech conference in Stockholm on October 11th, and then the conference participants will also be able to vote for one of the finalists who receive the people's choice.

E-Prize finalistfrukost

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