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The Alent Dynamic®-method is a proven game changer.


Alent Dynamics® patented automatic dynamic drying process has dried over 100 000 batches and saved more than 280 million kWh of electricity.



Customer example: Holzwerke Ladenburger

Holzwerke Ladenburger is Germany's largest manufacturer of glulam beams, which now installs the new Alent Dynamic® automated wood drying process in 26 of their kilns in their flagship factory Kerkingen. After this they will have the Alent Dynamic® drying process in over 50 kilns at four factories. The purchase is conducted after careful benchmarking against other solutions in the market.

Read more about why Ladenburger invests in automated wood drying process from Alent Dynamic®.

A few of our customers



With Alent Dynamic Pump technique and soft sensor WMC, we have reduced drying times and got higher accuracy in end moisture content. Good kiln operators and the Alent Academy program is also important factors.
— Thomas Karlsson, Production and Quality Development, AB Karl Hedin, Karbenning Sawmill, Sweden
We see great potential in cooperating with Alent Dynamic for better products and major environmental improvements.
— Christoph Ladenburger, Investment Manager på Holzwerke Ladenburger, Tyskland
After testing Alent Dynamic® for 3 months, we ordered 16 additional control systems.
— Christoph Ladenburger, Investment Manager på Holzwerke Ladenburger, Tyskland
The drying time for Douglas fir has decreased by 25% and electricity consumption by 60%
— Thomas Dinesen, Owner of Dinesen.
We have seen excellent energy reduction, and reduced quality costs connected to KBS (Kiln Brown Stain).
— José Pablo Jordan M., Quality Manager at CMPC Maderas, Chile
The Alent Dynamic method and their soft sensor for online moisture content are two major technological leaps in wood drying.
— Tito Panto, Managing Director at O.S. PANTO, Italy
The result was a higher quality glulam product and higher yield in production. The electricity savings is a bonus, and we are now running Alent systems in 24 kilns.
— Andreas Jonsson, Production Development at Martinsons, Sweden