Important handshake for a better environment

OS Panto and Alent Dynamic have great success with a new super efficient chamber kiln with Alent Dynamic® drying process. Luca Cadamuro, market manager of Italian drying manufacturer OS Panto, to the left in the picture, and Peder Björkman, CEO of Alent Dynamic, concludes a new contract for upgrading 10 kilns and developing a system for energy optimization at sawmills.

OS Panto has previously this year purchased ten Alent Dynamic® control systems for kilns with new solutions for extra low energy consumption and there will be more.

Luca Cadamuro is holding a presentation at the Alent Academy. This is a good opportunity to make an appointment with Luca in the morning on the 13th of November in Luleå to learn more about how an existing kiln can be streamlined.

Luca o Peder.JPG