Alent Dynamic® adding more value to Eucalyptus solid products

In 1985, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium among others and Sweden launched a network called EUREKA. It’s a network of countries which aims to support market-oriented research, development and innovation projects. EUREKA offers project partners rapid access to skills and expertise across Europe and national public and private funding schemes.

Alent Dynamic® has been selected as an exclusive partner in this project of cooperation between Chile and Sweden and have been endorsed for EUREKA status and been EUREKA Label award. The project is about to improving the drying result for Eucalyptus in Chile.

Boards of Eucalyptus are the most difficult wood species to dry. Its propensity for collapse during drying is very high. When water inside the wood evaporates, enormous tensions are build up and the wood fiber can only persist under so high tensions, for only a short amount of time and then finally collapse. Collapse results in shakes and deformation of the board.

First of all we will with the help of Luleå technical university(LTU) examine the internal structure of the wood during drying and develop unique recipes for drying eucalyptus. The recipes will be developed for the Alent Dynamic® unique control system, because Alent Dynamic® control system is the only one that is able to adjust the kiln climate according to the specific status of the wood material in kiln. Secondly, we will together with TSST Energy Ltd, a Chilean consultant company for energy effectivity, implement the technology in a compartment kiln at CMPCs sawmill in Bucalemu and make a testrun with our unique drying recipe with pumping technique.

CMPC Timber is one of the biggest wood industries in South America and produces annually about 15 million cubic meter Radiata pine. However, the bulk of about 10 million cubic meter eucalyptus harvested every year goes to pulp production. Only about 250 thousand cubic meter goes to solid wood products.

This project will significantly increase the production yield in the drying process of eucalyptus at the sawmill with help of Luleå technical university and Alent Dynamic®.