Success for Alent at the world's largest trade fair for the wood industry

Last week Alent Dynamic participated at the International Ligna fair  in Hanover - the world's largest trade fair for the wood industry.

There is a lot of international interest in Alent Dynamics’ fully automated, environmental friendly wood drying with a non-contact method of moisture content measurement.

Alent Dynamic received an important order for another 5 control systems from Stenvalls Trä. Stenvalls Trä is one of the most offensive sawmill groups in Europe, focusing on Alent Dynamics drying technology. They now use the technology from Alent Dynamic in more than 30 kilns.

There has been much interest around drying hardwood (oak, beech, birch, etc.) with Alents' drying technique. In that area, there are even higher profits to gain, due to the facts that it usually are much longer drying times for hardwood. The results of highly successful hardwood drying were shown by Alent at the Ligna fair.