Major contract from Germany to Alent Dynamic with environmental consequences

One of Germany's largest sawmills and largest manufacturer of glulam beams, Holzewerke Ladenburger, has now placed a large order of 16 Control systems for drying timber to Alent Dynamic.

After three months of a trial period of the new control system, Alent Dynamic®, decides Ladenburger Group to invest in Alents Drying control systems in all their sawmills. The decision was taken after extensive evaluations with customary German precision.

- We see great potential in cooperation with Alent Dynamic to produce better products and also to concretely make big environmental improvements says Christoph Ladenburger, Technical Director, Holzewerke Ladenburger, Germany .
- Wood is a natural, renewable resource. That is why the respectful treatment of nature is a very important issue to us, continues Christoph Ladenburger.

This order is the largest ever for Alent Dynamic. It is the third generation of the control system from Alent Dynamic. It allows sawmills around the world in a simpler way to produce wood in harmony with the law of nature. With the drying method large amounts of electricity and heat can be saved while the wood gets higher quality, as it is a very environmentally friendly method.

- We are very pleased that a large German sawmill group, Ladenburger, who made extensive evaluations decides to wholeheartedly invest in Alents drying method says Staffan Ruuth, CEO Alent Dynamic.

Alent Dynamics patented technology with oscillating (interval) drying attracts great interest around the world in both the sawmill industry and among researchers contributing to the rapid expansion of the company. Therefore, the company also moved to new larger premises to cope with the expansion. The company is now next door to the famous Facebook halls in Luleå.