Staffan Ruuth, new CEO at Alent Drying AB

Staffan Ruuth is the new CEO at Alent Drying AB. The company is expanding rapidly and we need to look over our resources. I am needed on the development side says Peder Björkman, and therefor leaves over as CEO to Staffan Ruuth. We have great confidence in Staffan and his experiences from other industries. This will strengthen our organization even more.

Alent Drying AB is in a strong expansion phase with great demand from both Swedish and international clients. The technology for Alents control system for kilns is used in several countries and have found to give good results respect to both energy saving and quality. This has contributed to a dramatic increase in demand for Alent technology among existing and new customers. Therefore, the company's management decided that they needed more power and energy to deal with market and customer needs.

Staffan Ruuth is from now the CEO of the company and has a background in the IT industry. He has been involved in starting several companies and has a solid background when it comes to developing companies, focusing on customer service and developing successful solutions in cooperation with customers. He also has some experience in the forest industry through direct ownership and management of forest properties.

Staffan Ruuth is the new CEO of Alent Drying AB.

Staffan Ruuth is the new CEO of Alent Drying AB.

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