Large order and new employments

Alent Dynamic got their biggest order so far and at the same time their unique product got ready.  Alent is also investing in major international expansion with Luleå as home base.

The product is a breakthrough for a new way of drying wood that gives better quality and saves a lot of energy. It is at the same time the result of a unique collaboration in field with several Swedish and foreign sawmills and researchers at Luleå University of Technology. Fifty thousand batches have already been dried and sawmills have saved 160 million kilowatt-hours of electricity while the method has been refined. Never before have so many participated and so much data been studied in the development of a drying method. Now Alent has an international volume product that optimizes and measures while drying goes fully automatic to target moisture content.

It is Germany's largest manufacturer of glulam beams, Holzwerke Ladenburger, which now installs the new control system in 26 of their kilns in their flagship factory Kerkingen. After this they will have Alent control systems in over 50 kilns at four factories.

- Automatic drying with the Alent method and online moisture soft sensor is excellent in the field of wood drying. It gives higher quality and better yield in our production. Also higher production due to shorter drying time and electricity savings. In this step we put in Alent control systems in our 14 newest kilns at Ladenburger sawmill in Kerkingen. We also upgrade 12 kilns to Alent Dynamic says Christoph Ladenburger, Investment Manager, Holzwerke Ladenburger, Germany.

New employments:
We are now strengthening our organization and are looking for staff to our head office in Luleå. We are already at 25% of the sawmills in Sweden and are preparing for a bigger international expansion. We are participating at the world's largest trade fair for wood, Ligna in Hanover, 22-26 May 2017, where we expect a lot of interest for our new product among existing and new customers. We are also looking for distributors in many countries, says Staffan Ruuth, CEO Alent Dynamic®.