Asta-Holzwerk GmbH, producer of finger jointed beams, changes their kilns to Alent Dynamic®.

Gotlandsflis AB choosed Alent Dynamic® to their eight compartment kilns. Installation occurs during V48.

Ålands Skogsindustrier AB has after evaluation selected Alent Dynamic® in their five comparment kilns. They have also installed Alent Premo™, pressurized hot water spraying system for better quality.

Martinsons goes ahead and upgrades to Alent Dynamic®

Yet another major international order with Alent Dynamic®

Choosing Alent Dynamic® was an obvious choice in the strategy to act as a leading manufacturer of fire-treated wood says Thomas Bengtsson, owner and CEO of Woodsafe Timber Protection AB

Ansgarius Svensson upgrades existing kilns with Alent Dynamic® and buys two more. "The quality, shorter drying times while maintaining heat consumption means that this is the future" says Jan Praznik

Continued expansion of the Alent drying technology. Skånskt sawmill changes to Alents latest control system in all their compartment kilns.