New order at the fair Wood products & Technology

OS Panto has great success with its Super Kiln and it generates orders to Alent who now gets to deliver 2 new Dynamic® drying processes and upgrade to Dynamic® control systems in 10 existing kilns. A system for heating and electricity distribution will also be supplied by Alent.

During the summer, OS Panto has delivered 4 new Super Kilns with Alent control system to Ladenburger in Germany.


Alent is one of the finalists for E-Prize 2018

We are very proud to be one of three finalists in this year's E-Prize in the Energy efficiency category.

E-Prize is Sweden's largest energy price for trade and Industry and this year celebrates 10 years. The prize is established by Veckans Affärer and E.on. The winners will be announced at the Go Greentech conference in Stockholm on October 11th, and then the conference participants will also be able to vote for one of the finalists who receive the people's choice.

E-Prize finalistfrukost

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Holiday period

We are in place all summer but with a smaller staffing force during week 29-32.

During office hours you reach;

Peder Björkman at +46 920-43 01 00 or Contact Peder in technical matters.

Eric Björkman at +46 920-43 01 01 or Contact Eric in drying matters.

In urgent matters at evenings and weekends you can email or send an SMS at +46 70-544 12 48.

You can also use the above email address when ordering spare parts.

Have a nice summer!


Large order from one of Sweden's most qualified wood processors

Alent Dynamic has received a large order of drying control equipment from Stenvalls Trä AB to their sawmill in Piteå, Lövholmen.

Lövholmen sawmill installed some control systems from Alent Dynamic in conjunction with the Swedish National Testing Authority (SP) Tests 2015. The control system was evaluated against another Swedish control system. The management of Stenvalls Trä has now decided to install Alent Dynamics control system in another 12 kilns in Lövholmen, Piteå.

- It turns out that Alent's patented method of oscillating drying (Pumpdrying) gives a good quality of dried wood while at the same time large amounts of electricity and, to some extent, heat energy can be saved, says Erik Sjölund, CEO of Stenvalls Trä AB. Alent's control system is already dominant in our other sawmills in Sikfors and Örarna.

Stenvalls Trä AB is one of Sweden's largest sawmill groups with three sawmills and a high degree of processing. The Group has wood processing facilities in Norrbotten, construction stores from Umeå to Kiruna, flight operations and IT companies.

- We are very pleased with this order that comes after a careful evaluation of various control systems by a highly qualified sawmill group, says Staffan Ruuth, CEO of Alent Dynamic.

Jutos Timber AB has recently ordered Alent Dynamic's control system for its modern sawmill in Teurajärvi.

Alent Dynamic's control system is a method of drying wood that provides better quality and saves a lot of energy. It is at the same time the result of a unique collaboration in fields with several Swedish and foreign sawmills and researchers at Luleå University of Technology. Seventy thousand batches have already been completed and the sawmills have saved 200 million kilowatt hours of electricity while the method has been refined. Never before have so many participated and so much data been studied in the development of a drying method. Now, Alent has an international volume product that optimizes and measures while drying goes fully automatic to target moisture content.

• Alent Dynamic AB delivers world-leading technology for wood drying.
• Alent Dynamic AB supplies control system for existing and newly manufactured kilns that provide better quality of dried wood, saving a lot of electricity, up to 60% of previously consumed electricity. The company also delivers services in the field of wood drying expert.
• Alent Dynamic AB's customers are located in Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Chile, Finland, Åland, Denmark, Italy, Latvia and Austria. The company is expanding rapidly to spread the technology over the world.
• The company was founded in 2005 and has since been working on refinement of control systems for wood drying together with sawmills and leading researchers in the area.

For more information contact:
Staffan Ruuth, CEO Alent Dynamic AB, 070-662 88 14
Erik Sjölund, CEO Stenvalls Trä AB, 070-184 10 04